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Belkin last week quietly introduced a new iPhone Mount with MagSafe that’s designed for Mac desktops and displays that you use with your Mac, allowing you to take advantage of Continuity Camera on those devices. We picked one up and thought we’d test it out for MacRumors viewers who are thinking about ordering one.

Belkin MagSafe Mount For Desktop

Belkin, a popular accessories brand, has recently launched a new iPhone mount with MagSafe technology that’s designed to be used with Mac desktops and displays. This innovative product allows users to take advantage of Continuity Camera on their Mac devices, making it easier than ever to capture photos and videos. laptop phone holder

The Belkin MagSafe Mount for Desktop is a small and compact accessory that attaches to the back of your Mac desktop or display. It allows you to securely mount your iPhone 12 or newer model to your computer, making it easier to take photos and videos while using your Mac. The mount is compatible with all MagSafe cases and magnets, ensuring a secure connection between your phone and the mount.

laptop phone holder

Using Continuity Camera, you can quickly and easily take photos and videos on your iPhone and have them instantly appear on your Mac. This feature is especially useful for those who need to quickly capture images or video for work or personal use. The Belkin MagSafe Mount makes it even easier to take advantage of this feature by providing a convenient and stable platform for your iPhone.

We got our hands on the Belkin MagSafe Mount and put it to the test. The installation process was quick and easy, with the mount simply attaching to the back of our iMac display using the included adhesive strip. Once attached, we were able to securely mount our iPhone 12 and start using Continuity Camera right away. The mount held our phone firmly in place, even when we were moving it around to get the perfect shot. laptop phone holder

Overall, we were impressed with the Belkin MagSafe Mount for Desktop. It’s a convenient and useful accessory for anyone who uses a Mac desktop or display and wants to take advantage of Continuity Camera. The mount is sturdy and reliable, and it’s compatible with all MagSafe cases and magnets. If you’re in the market for a new iPhone mount, we highly recommend checking out the Belkin MagSafe Mount for Desktop.

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